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HTML5 Introduction

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HTML5 is still not complete. The work is still in progress, but almost all the browsers support HTML5.

The development of HTML5 is based on the below rules.

  1. The developed features of HTML5 should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM and Javascript.
  2. The need for external plugins like flash should be reduced as much as possible.
  3. Error Handling should be improved.
  4. Scripting should be replaced with more markups.
  5. HTML5 should be able to work on all devices (Device Independant).
  6. General public should be able to see the development progress.

New Features of HTML5
  • In HTML5 document declaration is made easy. Specifying <!DOCTYPE html> is enough.
  • New elements are added to reduce the need of external plugins like <canvas>, <video>, <audio>, etc.
  • New elements are added to reduce the use of plain <div> like <article>, <footer>, <header>, <nav>, etc.
  • New Form elements are added.

The New features of HTML5 will be discussed in the later tutorials.

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