Gumby JS Components

Gumby JS Components

Toggle and Switches

Gumby allows user to hide an element, toggle an element, show a hidden element and much more. Toggle shows a element by clicking those link using toggle javascript.

<p class="skiplink medium primary"><a href="#" gumby-goto="[data-target='modal']">Go to Modal</a></p>
<p class="skiplink medium secondary"><a href="#" gumby-goto="[data-target='vertical']">Go to Vertical</a></p>

Retina Images

By using retina images, we can do two things such as a regular resolution image and a high resolution image.


Gumby framework provides some predefined styling using drawers. When trigger drawer class, the slide will be open. It sets 800px max height.

Open Top Drawer

Toggle Bottom Drawers

Close All Drawers


Gumby framework provides pop-up windows or modal dialogs using modal.js file.

Open Modal