CSS3 Tutorials

Just like HTML5, CSS3 is also still not complete. The work is still in progress, but almost all the browsers support CSS3.

There is a lot of difference between CSS3 and the previous version CCS2, the main difference would be the introduction of modules.

In CSS2, everything was done in a single large specification. CSS3 is split up to modules.

To make it easy for the designers, CSS3 is made backward compatible. CSS2 developers doesn't need to re design everything from scratch, all browsers will support CSS2 as well as CSS3.

New Features of CSS3
  • Media Queries
  • Selectors
  • Multiple Column Layout
  • 2D & 3D Transformations
  • Box Model
  • Animations
  • Text Effects
  • Backgrounds
  • Borders
  • User Interface

The new CSS3 features will be discussed in detail in the later tutorials.

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